NFL Sunday Action

NFL Sunday Betting Action


Sunday´s NFL football action closes the day with one of the most awaited games; the clash between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. Currently, the Ravens hold a record of 8-5 and the team is coming strong to win this game despite their recent loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Over the course of the past nine weeks, the Baltimore football franchise consolidates as one of the top NFL teams while continuing their path to the 2015 Playoffs. Sunday´s night game hosts, the Steelers happen to hold an exact record as the Ravens, 8-5 with the only difference the team has two consecutive wins over the Texans and the Colts.

The most current betting odds as per® Pay per Head online solution for this clash of Football titans stand at:

Baltimore Ravens   +1.5   47o

Pittsburgh Steelers   -1.5   47u

Additionally, let’s not forget Baltimore has typically done an outstanding job of turning weaknesses into strengths. That can only be done by altering the opponent’s scheme in another way. Expect Baltimore to count on its powerful pass rush to protect its ailing secondary, but the Steelers have done an excellent job in pass protection the last few weeks.

Baltimore will no doubt want to run the ball and control the clock. Pittsburgh’s run defense has looked markedly improved over the last seven quarters of play (they were gashed on the ground by Houston, one of the league’s best running games).

They’ll face an outstanding rushing team in the Ravens, but this game will see the return of Steve McLendon and possibly even the absence of defensive end Cam Thomas.  source:

Here are a couple of very interesting videos on the latest news on the Ravens and Steelers previous to Sunday´s night game:

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