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WEEK 5 Houston Texans

WEEK 5 Houston Texans

source: NFL

WEEK 6 of the NFL regular season kicks off with an unprecedented clash between the hosts – the Houston Texans and the visitors Indianapolis Colts which will be taking place at NRG Stadium.

So far into the regular season, the Texans have won two out of five games over teams like the Redskins, the Raiders and the Bills, but their most recent performance was not quite convincing as the Texans lost during overtime to hometown neighbors the Dallas Cowboys for a final score of  17 -20.

Here is a video on the Texans vs. Cowboys squaring off on October 5th game action

Here is another video of Cowboys vs Texans highlights

During the Cowboys latest game over the Texans starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo had to use a silent count at a home game for the first time ever. “No question today we played on the road throughout a lot of it,” Romo said. “It was probably half and half our fans to their fans. I don’t know what it was, more than you can just tell with the crowd noise. That was every bit as loud as going to St. Louis or Tennessee. We need to understand that. We lose a lot of our ability to do some things at the line of scrimmage, pre-snap and lot of stuff that gives us a big advantages.

Romo using silent count video



source: NFL

On the other hand, the Colts´ 2014 NFL preseason was a total disaster but the team has managed to get their act together managing to win their last three regular season games over the Jaguars, the Titans and the Ravens.

There is no secret that over the past two years, the Colts have trotted out an inferior product on the offensive line, as only left tackle Anthony Castonzo was a young starter who would be a key piece going forward, and utility lineman Joe Reitz the only other lineman that would stick around in any capacity. So the Colts´revamping of their offensive line is expected to do really well during their meeting on Thursday night.

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