NFL Coaches 2014-15

NFL Coaches 2014-15


As the 2014-15 NFL Regular season moves forward the list of top 10 coaches is reviewed by NFL experts and football enthusiasts. The following is the most recent list of head coaches:

  1. Bill Belichick – Career Record: 199-105 (.655) With The Patriots Since: 2000

Belichick is also one of the rare head men to set the tone on both sides of the ball. Belichick has total control in a way no other coach does, and successfully executes on that total control in a way no other coach does. The Patriots are 88-24 (.786) since 2007.

  1. Pete Carroll – Career Record: 71-57 (.555) With The Seahawks Since: 2010

Everything that makes Carroll elite was on display during the Seahawks’ Super Bowl run. His team is ruthless on the field, but lighthearted off of it. That’s because Carroll has eschewed the Belichick model in favor of letting his players be themselves.

  1. Jim Harbaugh – Career Record: 36-11-1 (.766) With The 49ers Since: 2011

He’s a relentless innovator on offense, and the meat-and-potatoes philosophy he’s allowed Fangio to install on defense would make Mike Ditka proud. Setting the tone on both sides of the ball is not where the Belichick comparison ends.

  1. Sean Payton – Career Record: 73-39 (.652) With The Saints Since: 2006

The Payton model has taken some lumps in recent years. There’s the whole “getting suspended for an entire year” thing, and the fact that his Fourth-of-July offense has too often resembled “just” an expensive box of mortar shells on the road. Neither changes the fact that Payton approaches football in a fundamentally-different way than the majority of his peers.

  1. John Harbaugh – Career Record: 62-34 (.646) With The Ravens Since: 2008

Harbaugh’s effect can be hard to pin-point. A former special-teams coordinator and DBs coach, he’s never overseen an offense or defense.

NFL Coaches

NFL Coaches


  1. Chip Kelly – Career Record: 10-6 (.625) With The Eagles Since: 2013

Kelly has spent exactly one of his 50 years on this earth roaming an NFL sideline. As recently as 2006, he was the New Hampshire Wildcats’ offensive coordinator. He earned his first head-coaching job at the age of 46.

  1. Andy Reid – Career Record: 141-98-1 (.590) With The Chiefs Since: 2013

Andy Reid has been an NFL coach for 15 seasons. He’s won at least 10 games in nine of them. He’s missed the playoffs only five times, and is coming off arguably the finest year of his career. So why isn’t he higher? Because while we know Reid’s strengths, we also know the weaknesses that have prevented him from calling himself “Super Bowl winning coach Andy Reid.

  1. Bruce Arians — Career Record: 10-6 (.625) With The Cardinals Since: 2013

Two Januarys ago, Arians was forced out as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator. A 59-year-old man, it should have ended any realistic shot he had at becoming an NFL head coach. Two years later, Arians has earned a Head Coach of the Year award, and been at the controls for two remarkable turnarounds.

  1. Tom Coughlin – Career Record: 158-130 (.549) With The Giants Since: 2004

Coughlin is an old-school perfectionist. That’s what makes his team’s uneven play — not just year to year, but often week to week — so hard to figure sometimes.

10. Mike McCarthy – Career Record: 82-45-1 (.646) With The Packers Since: 2006

McCarthy has only known success as a head coach. He’s also only known Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers as his quarterbacks. McCarthy can be unimaginative, and slow to adjust. His defenses have consistently underperformed. The San Francisco 49ers can attest to all three points.


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