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NFL Trivia 2014

NFL Trivia 2014

source: NFL

Test your knowledge with this fun NFL Trivia:

  1. What player was on the roster in the most consecutive Super Bowls (5) losing each time?
  2. Who are the top 21 players with the most fumbles in NFL history?
  3. What Hall of Fame running back was the first non-quarterback on the list?
  4. On Christmas Eve in the 2000 season, this quarterback threw 69 passes in a game, the most attempts in a regulation game.
  5. These two NFL players went to the same school and wore the same number during their college days.


  1. Who were the two oldest head coaches in NFL History? Neither won a Super Bowl as a coach.
  2. Nicknamed “The Hammer” ,he is best remembered for getting knocked out in Super Bowl I.
  3. At 31 years-old he became the youngest head coach in NFL history.
  4. He was the first players selected in NFL draft history in 1963
  5. He played for 6 teams in his career and wound up as the NFL all-time leading scorer.


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