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Peyton Manning Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos


…So we are officially halfway through the 2014-15 NFL regular season and there is more football action on its way as WEEK 8 begins with a great clash between the San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field in Denver.

The Broncos hold a spectacular record of 5-1, losing just one game to the Seattle Seahawks during overtime with a final score of 20-26. Denver’s quarterback Peyton Manning has recently made the headlines as he achieved 510 overall touchdown passes in his career becoming the second leading passer in franchise history after only 38 with the team.

Here is a quick interesting video on Manning´s NFL history record:

This is a great achievement for the 38-year old player after signing his contract with the Broncos back in 2012. After Manning finally secured the milestone ball, he was mobbed on the Broncos’ sideline. Head coach John Fox pulled his quarterback into a bear hug, and more players than Manning could count slapped him on the helmet and shoulder pads as Sports Authority Field at Mile High public address announcer Alan Roach alerted the crowd to the milestone.

Furthermore, there is recent news on Omar Bolden who is likely to miss out on Thursday´s night game against the Chargers. Cornerback Omar Bolden, who participates in about 70 percent of the special-teams plays, suffered a concussion late in Sunday night’s game against the San Francisco 49ers. Also, there were other Denver players who did not practice on Monday afternoon, there names are: place-kicker Brandon McManus (groin), linebacker Steven Johnson (ankle) and running back Montee Ball (groin).

2014-15 NFL WEEK 8

2014-15 NFL WEEK 8


…And what about the Chargers? This has been a pretty outstanding regular season for San Diego as the team currently holds a record of 5-2, winning five consecutive games over the past weeks, they have a pretty good chance to lock a spot in the playoffs if the team manages a solid victory over the Broncos.

It is important to take into account that San Diego will be missing its two starting RBs, its starting Center, a starting ILB and OLB, and hasn’t had a fully-healthy secondary in a month. That’s not even to mention the next-level guys who are hurt.

Here is a short video on San Diego´s latest action:

As per® Pay per Head, the game´s most recent betting odds stand at:

San Diego Chargers   +7.5  51o

Denver Broncos  -7.5  51u

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