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2014 Preseason Games

2014 Preseason Games

Even though, Football will not start until 14 weeks more or less, the 2014 NFL preseason schedule has been already announced in all its glory as during preseason many changes take place and football enthusiasts can get a better feeling of what the year will be like.

The following is the 2014 preseason schedule for 4 complete weeks:

Date Hall of Fame Game, Canton, Ohio
Aug 3 Bills vs. Giants (Hall of Fame Game)
Aug 7-10 Week 1
TBA Miami at Atlanta
TBA New England at Washington
TBA Indianapolis at New York Jets
TBA San Francisco at Baltimore
TBA Cincinnati at Kansas City
TBA Cleveland at Detroit
TBA Pittsburgh at New York Giants
TBA Houston at Arizona
TBA Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
TBA Green Bay at Tennessee
TBA Seattle at Denver
TBA Oakland at Minnesota
TBA Dallas at San Diego
TBA Philadelphia at Chicago
TBA Buffalo at Carolina
TBA New Orleans at St. Louis
Aug 14-18 Week 2  
Aug 14 Jacksonville at Chicago
Aug 17 Kansas City at Carolina
Aug 18 Cleveland at Washington
TBA Miami at Tampa Bay
TBA Philadelphia at New England
TBA Minnesota at Arizona
TBA New York Jets at Cincinnati
TBA Atlanta at Houston
TBA New York Giants at Indianapolis
TBA Tennessee at New Orleans
TBA Denver at San Francisco
TBA Detroit at Oakland
TBA Buffalo at Pittsburgh
TBA San Diego at Seattle
TBA Baltimore at Dallas
TBA Green Bay at St. Louis
Aug 21-24 Week 3
Aug 22 Oakland at Green Bay
Aug 23 New Orleans at Indianapolis
Aug 24 San Diego at San Francisco
Aug 25 Cincinnati at Arizona
TBA Tampa Bay at Buffalo
TBA Dallas at Miami
TBA Carolina at New England
TBA New York Giants at New York Jets
TBA Washington at Baltimore
TBA St. Louis at Cleveland
TBA Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
TBA Houston at Denver
TBA Jacksonville at Detroit
TBA Tennessee at Atlanta
TBA Minnesota at Kansas City
TBA Chicago at Seattle
Aug 28 Week 4
Aug 28 Detroit at Buffalo
Aug 28 St. Louis at Miami
Aug 28 New England at New York Giants
Aug 28 New York Jets at Philadelphia
Aug 28 Baltimore at New Orleans
Aug 28 Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Aug 28 Chicago at Cleveland
Aug 28 Carolina at Pittsburgh
Aug 28 San Francisco at Houston
Aug 28 Atlanta at Jacksonville
Aug 28 Minnesota at Tennessee
Aug 28 Denver at Dallas
Aug 28 Kansas City at Green Bay
Aug 28 Seattle at Oakland
Aug 28 Arizona at San Diego
Aug 28 Washington at Tampa Bay

Source: CBS.com

Many NFL experts state these preseason games are meant for the fans as the tickets are quite cheap and if you are a true fanatic you will be able to watch and analyze training camp competitions while the teams finalize their rosters.

On the other hand, many believe these preseason games are very harmful, as the changes to have injured players before the kickoff of the regular NFL season increase. But, at the same time these training camps and games which are held between July and August have become a very important of the whole recruiting process after the NFL Draft.

Some other NFL highlights to be mentioned are the following:

  • The 2014 season will begin on September 4, 2014, starting at 8:30 p.m. ET
  • The kick off game will be between Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks will host the Green Bay Packers
  • Regarding the International Series 3 games will be played at Wembley Stadium in London, England in 2014.

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