The 2018-2019 College Basketball Season kicks off in early November. As bookies might expect, the top recruiting teams offer favorite’s odds in this age of one-and-done players.

Online bookies should have already received action on those favored teams. Read about the top contenders along with information on how to pump up college hoops excitement in the middle of football season.

College Hoops National Championship Contenders

Duke                           +450

Again, Coach K recruited the best basketball players in the nation regardless of position. Even Coach K admits that none of his recruits can fit into a specific position mold. Tre Jones, one of the top floor generals in college basketball before he hits the hardcourt, doesn’t play like a traditional point-guard. He won’t drive the basket unless necessary while he tries to keep the ball out of his hands via quick passes.

The Blue Devils are deserving favorites. Might not be wise to set max betting limits too low on the Devils to take the National Title, though. The favorite hardly ever wins the NCAA Championship.

Kentucky                   +500

Bookies must pay attention to action on the Kentucky Wildcats. Unlike Duke, Kentucky boasts a decent mix of freshman and veterans. Coach Calipari won’t have his most talented Kentucky team ever. He might have his deepest and most team oriented Kentucky squad ever. Set max betting limits on UK to win the championship.

Kansas                        +750

Kansas has as much talent as anyone. Problem is, a story broke about 3 days ago regarding Kansas coach Bill Self knowing about Adidas payments to players. If Self knew about the payments, the Jayhawks must fire Self. No way they can keep him around if he had any idea about the NCAA infractions during the Adidas scandal. Might be a good idea to lift all max betting limits on Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

Gonzaga                     +800

Gonzaga should boast the best team on the west coast because perennial powerhouse Arizona figures to have a down season. The Zags’ frontline led by Rui Hachimura, Killian Tillie, and Brandon Clarke, could be tops in the nation. Gonzaga coach Mark Few is one of the best in-game coaches in college hoops. Zags could rock it this season, which means max betting limits are necessary.

Nevada                       +800

Are per head agents as surprised as us that Nevada’s a national championship contender? Top national recruit Jordan Brown is 6’ 11”. He plays on a frontline that already includes a college basketball veteran in Jordan Caroline. The Wolf Pack’s odds have dived significantly since the summer. Expect the odds to go down even more once Nevada wins games. Maybe, wait to set max betting limits because unlike most every other team on this list, casual bettors don’t know Nevada.

Villanova                    +1200

Every season, Jay Wright’s team has a chance to win the college basketball championship. This season, though, they’re not as loaded as they often are. Set max betting limits, but don’t worry so much about Nova cutting down the nets.

North Carolina          +1200

What makes North Carolina a serious contender? Tar Heels have one of the few top players in the nation that doubles as a leader on the court. Luke Maye averaged over 10 boards and over 16 points last season. It’s important to set max betting limits on UNC.

Virginia                      +2200

At Virginia, it’s the system. The Cavaliers almost never have a Top 10 player on their team. It doesn’t matter because coach Tony Bennett gets buy-in from the players he does have. The Cavs should be the best defensive team in college hoops this season. They might be one of the better scoring teams as well because they’ve got a trio of great shooters in Kyle Guy, Ty Jerome, and De’Andre Hunter.

Like North Carolina, it’s important to set max betting limits. +2200 pays $2,200 on a $100 bet.

Michigan State          +2800

Coach Tom Izzo doesn’t have as much talent in East Lansing as he often does. No matter. The Spartans have a better shot to win the National Championship this season than they did last season. Experience matters a ton in the NCAA Tournament. Michigan State’s got that. Don’t get on the hook for a +2800 winner. Set max betting limits.

Top 3 Ways to Pump College Basketball Action

Talk up basketball betting choices – Like the NBA, college hoops games are played almost every day during the week once the season starts. Let players know about the best games that day.

Discuss college hoops underdogs – College hoops is more frenetic and crazier than college football because underdogs have a much greater chance of pulling off upsets. Talk up potential underdogs on the moneyline to encourage wagers.

TruLive wagering allows bettors to change wagers in-game – With true live betting, players can turn losing wagers into winning wagers. They can do it on most any game, football or basketball, but college hoops allows for multiple opportunities in multiple games almost every night. Make sure bettors know this.

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