The 2018 NASCAR Season is in the books. Surprise winner Joey Logano took home the Monster Energy Cup with a stunning run at Homestead. Logano proved most NASCAR bettors wrong by beating Monster Energy Cup favorites Martin Truex Jr., Kevin Harvick, and Kyle Busch. Online bookies that didn’t use pay per head software tools to manage bets on Logano suffered.

Check out a recap of how Logano won the championship along with final rankings and information on one of the top drivers in the sport changing teams.

Joey Logano Pulls Off Upset Win at Homestead

At the beginning of this NASCAR Season, Logano offered +800 odds. The odds were downright underlaid which is why after Logano finished 4th at the Daytona 500, the first race of the year in mid-January, most everyone decided to bail on him. Logano’s odds skyrocketed to +2000 where they remained for most of the season.

Most NASCAR bettors didn’t believe he’d do enough to make it into the NASCAR Playoffs. Up until Texas, Logano’s spot in the Top 4 at Homestead was still in doubt. However, his 3rd place finish at Texas Motor Speedway sent him into the Top 4. He wouldn’t leave the Top 4 even after a terrible 37th at Phoenix in the Round of 8.

With NASCAR’s new rules, the Top 4 drivers at Homestead in Miami enter the race with a clean slate. It doesn’t matter if Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, and Martin Truex Jr. had raced the best during the regular season and during the playoffs. Logano had just as much of a shot to win the Monster Energy Cup due to the playoff rules as any of the other top 3.

He didn’t disappoint. Logano led 80 of the 267 laps after starting 5th and won the race to notch his first NASCAR Cup.

NASCAR Monster Cup Playoffs Final Rankings

  1. Joey Logano
  2. Martin Truex Jr.
  3. Kevin Harvick
  4. Kyle Busch

If the finish to the NASCAR Playoffs tell us anything, it’s that pay per head agents can’t take things lightly. They must work to ensure that they mitigate risk throughout the playoffs. Kevin Harvick, Kyle Bush, Martin Truex Jr. and Joey Logano finished in the Top 4 spots at homestead.

Brad Keselowski, one of the favorites heading into the playoffs finished 5th at Homestead. Logano’s victory paid backers that believed in him after Phoenix at 7/2. That’s not close to the price Logano backers could have gotten right when the playoffs started.

Logano was at +2000 because he had finished 17th in last year’s NASCAR Season. Of the 4 drivers with a shot, Logano was the least backed. He not only proved doubters wrong, but he also hurt online bookies who hadn’t taken him seriously heading into the playoffs.

The bottom line? Set max betting limits on every NASCAR driver to win the Cup. It doesn’t make sense to mess with something that’s impossible to predict.

Truex Jr. Changes Teams for in 2019

Joey Logano just popped the champagne bottles and already per head agents must consider the 2019 NASCAR Season. The first race happens in mid-February, which means teams are already gearing up for the 2019 races.

One driver that has decided to change teams is 2017 Monster Energy Cup winner Martin Truex Jr. The former champion and his crew head over to Joe Gibbs Racing. Gibbs, the former Washington Redskins coach, now has two of the Top 4 drivers at NASCAR. Kyle Busch has been a Joe Gibbs member for years. Along with Busch, Truex Jr. joins a team with young up and comer Erik Jones and consistent Denny Hamlin. All 4 drivers should make the old ball coach’s team the best at NASCAR.

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