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Our pay per head online solution has been the industry leader for many years because we provide the most professional, cost-effective, efficient and reliable bookmaking services to online bookmakers, who need to grow their business without sacrificing or cutting short on good quality customer support or security standards which clearly ensure the players´ confidentiality and safety while betting online.

At® Pay per Head security and confidentiality play key roles in the services we offer. For this reason, there is a large number of procedures in place to prevent our servers from any possible security breach, while protecting all customers’ data and their privacy. Only the players can access their accounts and share any kind of information if that is what they wish to do.

Handling vital sports betting information and the daily flow of betting transactions is the core of any bookmaking betting shop. So keeping all this information secure and store in a safe server is absolutely necessary to be able to manage a solid and professional business while gaining a good name in the market.

Running your an online betting business could be your worst nightmare or it could be a dream come true. It all depends on the type of services you acquire and how reliable the pay per head solution really is.

At® Pay per Head services we make sure to provide our online bookmakers and their betting players with the most complete online solution with full access to all online tools 24/7/365. We believe in growing a strong and long lasting business relationship between our customers, their players and our staff.

Our team consists of more than 30 professionals with strong gambling backgrounds and more than 15 years of experience in the industry.® Pay per Head also offers customized pay per head packages at the lowest prices which our bookmakers can join for just one single sport or for a specific season.

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