So, you’ve entered the exciting world of being a bookie. You have a few steady clients and are making a decent living (or money on the side) doing something you love. But you want more. You want to grow your client base and expand your bookmaking business. But how? You have already exhausted all of your current friends and family connections. Now it is time to expand your horizons elsewhere and here are 3 tips to make that happen.

1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The first thing you need to do is get out of your comfort zone and think outside of the box. People love to gamble, and as a professional it is your job to find those people and help them do so. If you are just starting out, they are not going to know who you are and they will not be seeking you out. Therefore it is imperative that you get out there and market yourself.

A good place to do this is at your local sports bars. This doesn’t mean going to a random sports bar and just start shouting about your business. This will not only turn off any potential customers, but could also get you kicked out. Instead, find a popular sports bar and become a regular at it. Get to know the other regulars. This will earn their trust and help you network. Slowly but surely, you will grow your potential client base.

Another idea is to join a golf club. It’s a not-so-well-kept secret that golfers tend to be gamblers. If you can introduce yourself and build relationships with people there, your business will likely grow.

2. Be More Organized

This isn’t the 1930s and you are not some low ranking member of a crime family taking bets. In the modern era, being a professional should mean being organized. Keep notes on everything. This means learning how to use spreadsheet software and keeping up with everyone and their bets. Every dollar you take in needs to have a name attached to it. Sloppy bookkeeping is one of the major reasons why any business fails, especially so in bookmaking.

Also, invest in an offshore PPH service, like 24-7 Bookie to help you manage the money. A good pay per head service will help take a huge burden off of your plate and help your clients be able to make more choices when making bets.

All of this translates into a healthier bottom line for bookies because of increased efficiency as well as increased volume.

3. Be Humble

Again, you are not a mobster. You are a professional. This means treating your clients with the utmost respect and integrity. Follow the golden rule and treat others as you want to be treated. Be a facilitator to help clients make their bets and not try to be “the man.” While it is true you are in this business to make money, having a friendly attitude will endure yourself to your clients and will help you gain new ones through referrals.