The second biggest sports betting event of the year is just about here. Soon March Madness is going to start. For some college hoops’ teams, March Madness is already here. In any case, online bookie agents can get off on the right foot by signing up for a half-off promo. All software tools described below are available by signing up.

Mass Editing Tool

The mass editing tool is one of the most powerful software tools available. The key word to becoming a successful agent is being efficient. The mass editing tool allows agents to be ultra-efficient.

With the mass editing tool, agents can do things like set max betting limits for all their players at once. This should come in handy during March Madness because setting max betting limits on NCAA Tournament Futures and college hoops parlay bets is necessary.

One word of caution, agents should always set max betting limits per their businesses. Just because a peer sets a max betting limit at $200 on parlay bets, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set max betting limits parlay bets at $100.

Schedule Limit Override

Setting schedule limits on certain NCAA Basketball Tournament games is an absolute must. It goes without writing that more popular teams, and the games scheduled to air on CBS, TBS, and TNT, should garner more action than games scheduled to air on Tru TV.

That’s because the games on CBS, TBS, and TNT often time have the best match ups as well as involving he higher seeds. Pay per head agents can encourage betting on games that air on Tru TV, or any college hoop games that aren’t providing enough action, by setting a schedule limit override on games that have been overplayed by both casual and pro players.

Layoff Account

Per head agents should never utilize their layoff accounts unless it’s necessary. The layoff account isn’t supposed to be a betting instrument. The tool is designed to help agents balance the books. Utilizing the layoff account any other way can lead to ruin.

With the warning in place, it’s time to describe how important the layoff account can be to agents during March Madness. As March Madness goes on, as the individual conference tournaments conclude, and as the NCAA Tournament goes through each round, available college hoop wagers become less and less.

What this means is that specific bets, for example, the semifinal games during the Final Four, could attract a ton of action one way or another way for each spread. Using the layoff account to balance the money on one side of a spread from another might be necessary.

Before taking advantage of any of these tools, pay per head agents should sign up for the half-off promo. It’s easy to chat with any PPH reps. The phone number for those who wish to call is 888-978-0688.