There’s no reason for online bookies to become online bookie agents unless they utilize pay per head tools. Tools are probably the most important aspect of partnering with a PPH company. See below for three overlooked tools that agents should be using more often.

Settle Alert

The settle alert tool allows agents to create a pre-settle to know when he or she needs to collect or pay a player before the actual settle limit is reached. Creating settle limits can be important. It’s a tool that helps per head agents manage action from a specific player.

It’s also important to help players manage themselves. Although this may sound strange at first, the bookmaking industry has become one where customer service is important. Helping clients control their balances is a great way to maintain customer loyalty as well as manage action.

Weekly Balance by Agent or Player

It’s difficult to know when to create a settle alert for specific players or sub-agents unless you pay attention to weekly balances. It may take some time, but checking weekly balances on your players is necessary. The great thing about the weekly balance tool is that it allows for: multiple formats depending on the agent’s needs, it breaks down by business unit to track profit, and it provides detailed sub reports for player activity.

Hold Percentage Tool

The hold percentage tool is one of the most overlooked pay per head agent tools available. It doesn’t sound as exciting as the live bet ticker, but it could be just as important in managing a bookmaking business. What the hold percentage tool does is provides a breakdown by sport, league, period and bet type of activity by either a sub-agent or a player. The breakdown consists of bet count, volume, wins, losses, average bet amount and, as the name implies, the hold percentage. The hold percentage tool also allows online bookie agents to run two data subsets of the same report and to compare those reports.

Per head agent tools are designed to help bookmakers effectively manage their businesses. Three tools that bookmakers probably aren’t utilizing enough are the settle alert, hold percentage, and weekly balance by agent or player tools. If PPH agents have any questions, they should call 888-978-0688.