Bettors Net has come out with its best promo of the year. Right now, online bookie agents can switch to Bettors Net for only $3 per head. That means bookie agents can utilize famous Bettors Net tools like the layoff account for only $3 per head.

Utilizing tools like the layoff account for only $3 per head isn’t the added benefit, though. The added benefit is to utilize all Premium Features that come along with the Bettors Net Premium Plan.

$3 Per Head NFL Promo: Includes All Premium Features

Let’s analyze each Premium Feature with the NFL in mind.

Line mover

The most important Premium Feature is the Bettors Net line mover. The line mover ensures that agents will never have to refund wagers. How? Take the following game:

Oakland           -6

Kansas City     +6

If the game ends at an exact 6 point difference between Oakland and Kansas City, pay per head agents must return action. Returning action might be okay for Las Vegas sportsbooks. It’s not okay for you. You run an individual online sportsbook. That requires you to never have to refund wagers.

The line mover allows you to move the line up a point, to 6.5, or down a point, to -5.5. A game can’t end on a half a point. That means no refunds.

Injury information

Now, let’s think about NFL injury information. Teams release injury information on the Tuesday, or Wednesday, of the week. How often does that information change? The thing about injury information is that NFL bettors make decisions on which games to wager based on injury info.

Should you, the per head agent, get the same information that bettors get? With the information, you could decide to change the line with the line mover.

Television listings

When the NFL rolls into town, it’s important to know which games are on Monday night, Sunday night, and Thursday night. Yes, you can search for this information. You can also head to your Premium Section and check it out there.

What should agents do with television listings? They should put relevant television listing information into marketing materials. It remains a fact that casual players bet more on games that they can watch.

Remember, the Bettors Net promo means agents get all of BN’s sportsbook management tools for only $3 per head. Right now, Bettors Net is also offering a referral program. Call a BN rep at 888-978-0688 for details.