Although for most online bookie agents the summer months don’t always provide the most profit, there’s no reason to give up on the summer.  Utilizing the right per head software tools can lead to great profit. Below, check out 3 of those tools.

Premium Tools to Boost Profit

Before getting into the tools, it’s important to know that all 3 tools below listed are a part of Bettor Net’s Premium Plan. Without signing up for the Premium Plan, there’s no way agents can access the 3 tools.

Line mover – This is the most important tool on the Premium Plan. The line mover allows pay per head agents to change betting lines. Changing betting lines can help agents boost profits in all sorts of ways:

  1. Change a betting line to encourage wagering on the other side of a spread
  2. Change a betting line to boost profit by preventing layoff account usage
  3. Change a betting line to prevent a specific side of a spread from being over bet.

All 3 ways above can help agents boost profit via the line mover. When football season rolls around, in late August and early September, the line mover is an essential software tool. Right now, agents can utilize it to change lines on NBA Playoff Games.

Injury information – Sports bettors, casual and pro, utilize injury information to decide whether or not to place bets. Doesn’t it make sense for agents to have the same injury information that bettors have?

Injury information can also help agents determine if they should utilize the line mover, their layoff accounts, or take the game off the board. All injury information can be meaningful.

TV listings – During the summer months it could be difficult for pay per head agents to determine what sporting events to promote. This summer, the 2018 World Cup takes place. Without TV listings, which games will agents know to promote?

The easy answer is all games. However, that’s not the case. World Cup matches that involve the most popular players in the world:  Renaldo, Messi, Neymar, Suarez, etc., will lead to the most action. Use TV listings to know when those players hit the pitch.

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