Pay per head software is a must for any professional bookmaker. Online bookies that settle for average pay per head software may get left behind. Agents that go for the very best PPH software are bound to make more profit.

That’s not just an opinion. It’s a fact. Below, I lay it out for agents. To make the most profit, agents should go with the very best per head software.

Customizable Dashboard

The very best per head software allows agents to customize their dashboards. Why would you want to customize your dashboard? Why wouldn’t you want to customize your dashboard? Not all online bookie agents are the same. They don’t all work the same way. They don’t all believe that the same pieces of information are as important. A customized dashboard is a key to becoming more profitable because a customized dashboard allows you to work the way you’re most comfortable working.

Bettors Net’s customizable dashboard allows agents to choose from 15+ reports to display on the dashboard. You can see the reports that mean the most to you.

Access to Per Head Reports

Speaking of reports, great PPH software allows per head agents to access varying reports. Some agents might prefer to use the wagers report. Some might want to see specific player’s activity reports. Some might want to access both the wagers report and the specific player’s activity report side by side to compare.

Great pay per head software allows agents to do that.

Business Management Tools

Reports aren’t the only business management tools that great PPH software provides. The best software also provides business management tools with features that help agents maintain and grow their businesses. Check out a few of the tools that the best per head software provides:

Live Bet Ticker – Via the live bet ticker, agents can filter by amounts, and risk, or win. Agents can also delete bets through the live bet ticker. The live bet ticker shows all open bets when you load it. You can’t increase profit unless you know how to protect profit. The Live Bet Ticker has features that allow agents to protect profit.

Settle Alert – The settle alert tool allows agents to create a pre-settle. A pre-settle pings agents to make payouts, or collect, before the settle limit has been reached. It’s a powerful money management tool that helps to keep cash flowing. Profit is nothing more than more cash flowing into your business than what flows out of your business.

Schedule Limit Override – The schedule limit override tool allows you to make circle limits for a sport, period, or profile. Setting schedule limit overrides is a great way to manage action on a specific game without setting a max betting limit.

The very best pay per head software helps agents increase profit by helping agents control cash flow, and manage their businesses. Bettors Net is offering a 3-Week Free Trial for those who wish to try out the very best PPH software. The phone number is 888-978-0688.