Super Bowl 52 is just around the corner. The big game takes place on Feb. 4. Pay per head agents must ready their online bookie businesses for mass amounts of Super Bowl betting action. Below, I’ve listed 4 PPH Tips for agents to ensure a profitable Super Bowl 52.

4 PPH Tips for Super Bowl 52

  1. Use Settle Alert Tool Before the Super Bowl

This is the most important per head tip. It’s imperative that agents utilize their settle alert tools before Super Bowl 52. Create pre-settles. Make sure your very best Super Bowl betting clients can place wagers on the big game.

If a player requests a payout before the Super Bowl, see if they’ll work with you. Offer a free Super Bowl bet, or even wagering credits, so that you can push off payouts until after Super Bowl 52.

  1. Disallow Money Line Wagers as Part of Parlay Bets

Leading up to Super Bowl 52, it’s important that agents prevent players from juicing parlays with easy money line bets. This is especially true for NFL Playoff only parlays. Some players might try to pad their bankrolls by adding easy money line bets to parlay wagers. Don’t let this happen.

  1. Raise Casual Players Minimums

Check player activity reports. Casual players that only bet on games that are on television might require a push to bet on the Super Bowl. Agents should first raise casual players’ minimums. If the minimum is only $10, raise it to at least $20.

Everyone makes some type of bet on the Super Bowl. Nobody sits out the Vince Lombardi Game. Over $6 billion is wagered on the Super Bowl each year. Casual players that usually only bet around $10 are likely to invest much more than that into the Super Bowl. To ensure it happens, per head agents must raise minimums.

  1. Schedule Limit Overrides on Super Bowl Betting During NFL Playoff Games

This is a must if agents are to ensure Super Bowl betting profits. It’s best to pick a game to illustrate how not doing this can lead to disaster.

Let’s say that the Carolina Panthers run out to a 21 to 0 lead over the New Orleans Saints in this Sunday’s NFC Wildcard game. If you haven’t placed a schedule limit override on Super Bowl 52 future betting during the Panthers at Saints battle, you could be in for a rude awakening.

There will be at least one of your players who jumps on the Panthers’ Super Bowl 52 winning odds of 18 to 1 should Carolina jump out to a 3 TD lead over the Saints. It’s going to happen. To prevent it from happening, always set a limit override from Friday night to Monday afternoon.

By doing so, online bookie agents can ensure nobody takes advantage of Super Bowl 52 betting odds.

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