The main reason for bookies to partner with a pay per head agent is to access business management tools. Utilizing business management tools is the best way to ensure success as bookmakers. Keep reading for 4 tools that online bookie agents should use for the upcoming NFL Playoffs.

Mass Editing Tool

The mass editing tool allows bookmakers to quickly make changes for all their players. This is essential as the NFL Playoffs start. The reason is because from now until the Super Bowl, a lot of players are going to make future wagers on the Super Bowl. Favorites don’t always win as evidenced by Denver’s victory over Carolina in Super Bowl 50 last season. Being able to set max betting limits on all future bets is important. Being able to set max betting limits on all players on all wagering interests to win the Super Bowl is necessary.

Schedule Limit Override

The schedule limit override tool allows online bookie agents to set circle limits on a schedule for a sport, a period, or a profile. It’s essential that bookmakers pay attention to what’s hot in their specific books. If too many wagers go onto one side of a spread than another, before utilizing their layoff accounts, bookmakers should consider setting a schedule limit override. Setting schedule limit overrides for any future NFL wagers should already be happening.

Layoff Account

The layoff account allows pay per head agents to balance wagering on both sides of a spread. It’s important to understand that managing spread wagers is the only reason for bookmakers to utilize the layoff account. During the NFL Playoffs it’s important to have a tool that enables online bookie agents to even out wagering on both sides of a spread due to the fact that one team often times, like New England or Dallas, is over bet.

Live Betting

It’s imperative to turn on live betting for all players during the NFL Playoffs. Live betting is a great way to ensure action on a game. During the NFL Playoffs there are only a couple of games a day. What that means is that players have few choices on which to wager on football, by far the most bet upon sport in the United States. Gaining additional action via live betting adds more profit to a bookmaker’s bottom line.

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