Right now, pay per head agents can get 50% off the Bettors Net Premium Package. That’s only $5 per head. There are reasons why agents should take advantage of the deal. Keep reading to find out why.

Agents Need This $5 Promo

Agents need the $5 promo. The Premium Package is not the same as the normal Bettors Net package. The Premium Software Package offers other tools that can help online bookie agents increase revenue. I’ve written down the names of some of those tools as well as how they can help agents keep ahead of their competition.

TV Listings – Television listings allow agents to keep abreast of the nationally televised games on each night. As I’ve often written, casual players love to bet on nationally televised games.

Value:  You can create promotions around TV listings. This is particularly true if you provide betting services to a client that loves a team. For example, if your client always bets on the Yankees, wouldn’t be nice to let your client know all about the Yankee game that night?

Manage Live Betting Limits – With the Premium Package per head agents can manage live betting limits at the same time they’re checking out additional live betting reports.

Value:  Live betting could add up to 30% additional revenue, if not more, to an agent’s bookmaking business. You’ll want the most update to date live betting tools at your disposal.

Injury Information – Agents can find injury info through the Premium Package. Since most pro players make betting decisions based on injury information, shouldn’t you, the agent, have the same info that they have?

Value: Injury information can help agents decide to use their layoff accounts, or to set schedule limit overrides. When agents utilize both injury information and the line mover (both can be found via the Premium Package), to make business decisions, those decisions are going to be much stronger.

As mentioned above, a line mover is also part of the Premium Software Package. Other additions with the Premium Package are:  scores from Don Best, one of the most reputable tout services in the world, and time change information. All can help an online bookie get a step ahead of his or her competition.

Bettors Net is offering $5 per head for their Premium Software Package. Agents should take advantage of the offer. Contact a Bettors Net rep via chat, or call 888-978-0688.