Most bookies know that their busiest time of the year is during the NFL Season. Because of the nature of sports bettors, the NFL has become the most important betting time of the year for the entire industry. A lot of this has to do with the NFL and football being the United States’ most popular sport. In fact, some bookmakers consider themselves almost exclusively NFL bookies, meaning that they only take wagers on NFL, or college football, games.
Although that’s not correct, pay per head companies help bookmakers engage their customers during non NFL Seasons, the fact of the matter is that most bookmakers are busiest during the NFL. The Super Bowl is year in and year out the most wagered upon sporting event. More money goes onto NFL games than it does in most bookie businesses for all other sports combined. Since this is a fact, it makes sense why so many bookmakers are turning to pay per head services in order to organize and coordinate the vast amounts of action from their clients.
Because NFL online betting has become the way to wager for football bettors, pay per head companies have turned their attention to the NFL. In fact, good pay per head services are mainly football PPH services. Why not? When looking to form a business to business partnership, it makes sense to look at who can help you the most with your largest clients. Football bettors are online bookies’ largest clients. See below for why per head services are required during the NFL Season:

More action during the NFL

Some sports bettors only wager on the NFL. Some might wager on the NFL and college football. Some might even delve into the NBA, MLB, horse racing, and maybe even the casino. But there are more football NFL sportsbook bettors than there are in any other single sport. It’s a given that if you run an online book, you are going to take more action during the NFL Season than you would at during any other time of the year. More action requires more organization, more customer service, more of, well, everything. If you’re still relying on excel sheets to keep track of every one of your clients’ wagers, you could be in for a rude awakening come football season.
It’s important to understand that football betting online has allowed bookmakers to increase their client bases two-fold almost overnight. This isn’t because bookies are now broadcasting their services on Facebook and Twitter. What they are doing is allowing current clients to wager more on specific games as well as wager faster through things like mobile betting. Many NFL online betting handicappers prefer to live wager on NFL games. Signing up with a PPH service like gives bookmakers the tools to organize their businesses.
If you’re still not taking advantage of per head services, your business could suffer. The goal of increasing your business, of building a viable bookmaking operation on your own, requires football PPH during the NFL Season.

Live Wagering and Mobile Betting During the NFL Season

More action requires different tools to keep an online book business operating the right way. This requires bookmakers to offer things like mobile betting and live wagering. In fact, action via live wagering is increasing year to year. The very nature of the NFL Schedule requires bookies to offer a tool like live wagering to their clients. The NFL Regular Season Schedule is 17 weeks with most games on Sunday. Many people in the United States have Sunday off. It was a brilliant move by the NFL to do this. All the NFL has to compete against is religion while college football has to compete against family day or other Saturday events that take up one’s time.
Because of the NFL schedule, everyone that wagers on an NFL game is likely to watch that NFL game. It makes sense for bookies to take advantage of bettors being able to make live wagers on a game in which they already have a vested interest. Why? Sports bettors will tell you that the best NFL betting, the most successful NFL betting, comes from doing your homework and wagering on a single game. If the game is going well while a sports bettor is watching, betting on the game live, doubling up, is a good way to increase profits. If the game is going badly while the sports bettor is watching, betting the other way to decrease potential losses is the way to go.
This is how sports bettors think. They’ve already done the homework for the game. Why not keep wagering on that specific game? For bookies, allowing live wagering will almost never be a problem. No matter what any sports bettor says, making 10% off of his or her wagers is usually the goal. Most sports bettors don’t meet that goal.
Like live wagering, mobile betting is a tool designed to help bookies increase their football betting online action. It’s impossible to find someone who doesn’t have a smartphone these days. Requiring clients to bet through a PC or via the phone just doesn’t make any sense. It’s going to be difficult for you, as a bookmaker, to increase your business, or to even increase your business from your current customers, if you don’t offer mobile betting. Sports bettors expect mobile betting.

Pay per head companies offer mobile betting. The organization that comes with pay per head plus the tools offered to your bookmaking business, such as live wagering and mobile betting, requires PPH services during the NFL Season. It’s important to sign-up with a company like in order organize your business while offering your customers the best NFL betting experience. If you prefer to call, the BettorsNet phone number is 888-978-0688.