This week’s blog is all about sharp lines and how working with a PPH company can help you find sharp lines as opposed to Las Vegas against the spread lines. When it comes to NFL online betting, sharp lines are an absolute must. Most online bookies get a larger percentage of action from their clients during the NFL Season. There isn’t a bookie in North America who could possibly disagree with this. The biggest issue is that the advent of the Internet and the cloud has forced most local bookies to go online. In other words, what used to be a business about handshakes and pen and paper turned into a business about excel sheets, which in turn has become a business about the latest technology.

Most online bookies won’t survive unless they take advantage of the business to business cloud services offered by PPH companies.

When it comes to football PPH, sharp lines are part of those cloud services. Let’s go more into detail regarding sharp lines and the NFL.

The nature of NFL wagering

Being successful by wagering on the NFL isn’t easy. The sports bettor is able to find information on each and every game. That’s not the problem. The problem is that the information is clouded by the spreads. Most lines in the NFL that come from Las Vegas sportsbooks are what I like to call perfect lines. A perfect line is an against the spread betting line that the Las Vegas sportsbooks have determined is going to garner action on both sides of the spread. By Week 4 to Week 5 of the NFL Season, it’s almost impossible to not find a perfect line.

The reason for this is because during the first month of the NFL Season, the Las Vegas NFL sportsbook tinkers with the line, tries to figure out how to make it work best for the general public to garner action on both sides of the spread. At times, this can take longer than 5 weeks. At other times, for some teams, the sportsbook is dialed in from Week 1 to get the best possible line for equal amounts of action on both sides of the spread.

The NFL is all about general public betting, as are the spreads created by Las Vegas sportsbooks. There is no other sport in the United States that garners as much fervor from its fans as the NFL. Las Vegas gets a lot of wagers from fans. That’s not the case for online bookies.
Football betting online, especially through a local bookmaker, is mostly done by sports bettors who don’t wager based on allegiance. The Miami Dolphin fan isn’t going to bet on the Dolphins just because he or she is a Miami Dolphin fan unless the spread requires a wager. This is why it’s important to have sharp lines so that online bookies can offer the best NFL betting to his or her clients.


Sharp lines and the NFL

Companies like BettorsNet can help bookmakers offset large wagers via scalping or layoffs. That definitely holds for the NFL. It really holds in the sense that sharp lines are designed to give clients the best NFL betting experience. Better lines garner more action. Sharp lines are a must for the NFL bookie.
Here’s a true story that should give every NFL online betting bookie nightmares before the upcoming season. It’s one that shows how important it is to think about sharp lines as opposed to Las Vegas lines.

In the 1999-2000 NFL Season the St. Louis Rams with the Greatest Show on Turf battled the Tennessee Titans led by RB Eddie George and QB Steve “Air” McNair in the 2000 Super Bowl. Somehow, someway, the Las Vegas line on 4 straight Tennessee Titan playoff games, including the 2000 Super Bowl, ended up on a single number, meaning that there wasn’t a half a point either way. The Titans beat the Buffalo Bills 22 to 16 in a Wildcard game as a -4 point favorite. They beat Indianapolis 19 to 16 as a +6 point dog. They beat Jacksonville 33 to 14 as a +7 point dog.

The Las Vegas sportsbooks and online sportsbook, I don’t believe that PPH companies were around at that time, escaped without taking a beating up until the 2000 Super Bowl. The problem with not having a half point on either side of a spread is that if the game ends up on the exact number, so for example if Tennessee beat Buffalo 20 to 16, by exactly 4 points in the Wildcard game, the sportsbooks take a beating because they can’t use the money from one side of the spread to off-set money from the other side of the spread.

This happened in the 2000 Super Bowl when the Rams beat the Titans 23 to 16 as a -7 point favorite. The number ended up exactly at 7. A sharp line on the Super Bowl from an NFL online betting service may have added a ½ a point on each wager. More importantly, by utilizing a pay per head company like, online bookmakers may have been able to have access to scalping and layoffs as well as being able to set their own line on the Super Bowl for specific clients.
We’ll write more blogs about NFL betting and PPH services before the actual season starts. By then, we’ll have a good base as to how to navigate the 2016-2017 NFL Season when it comes to NFL online betting from a bookies’ point-of-view. Consider signing up with a PPH organization like now, 888-978-0688.