There are a lot of ways for bookies to use pay per head tools to manage their businesses. One of the most important tools is being able to do mass edits to their client list of players. This article describes the mass editing tool as well as how bookmakers can use the mass editing tool to promote live wagering

What is the Mass Editing Tool?

The mass editing tool allows per head bookies to make edits to all of their players at once. The ability to make massive edits at one time saves time, which leads to saving money. See below for three of the most important ways that the mass editing tool can help:

  • Disable or enable specific betting features for all players
  • Set or disable casino limits for casino players
  • See balance and bets placed

Should Bookmakers Turn on Live Wagering via Mass Editing for All Players?

Some players are adept at utilizing live wagering options to take advantage of the flow of a game. Other players aren’t skilled at using the live wagering options at all.

It’s important for online bookies to understand exactly how per head tools like live wagering can benefit them. This means that bookies should know exactly who their players are. By categorizing players, knowing who the pro bettors are as opposed to casual bettors, bookmakers can decide whether to turn on live wagering via the mass editing tool.

The main advantage for using the mass editing tool to turn on live wagering for an online bookies’ players is to garner action. In almost all instances, live betting is going to promote wagering in a bookies’ operation. Most online sports bettors see the ability to place bets while a game is in progress, whether it be football, basketball, baseball or hockey, as an advantage. All sports bettors look for any advantage that they can get.

Promoting action in your book from casual players might counter any advantage that pro players acquire via live wagering. It’s a good idea, if you have more casual than pro players, to run your book with the idea of satisfying your pro players. One, single, casual player is never going to send enough action to your book in comparison to a single pro player.

Keep your pro players satisfied and promote more action from casual players by turning on live wagering for all players via the mass editing tool. A rep is available at 888-978-0688 for any questions.