Online bookie agents should think about switching from traditional currencies to digital currencies. The most famous of digital currencies right now is Bitcoin. Ethereum’s popularity isn’t that far off from Bitcoin’s. Luckily for agents, Bettors Net accepts both. BN is also offering a 5% rebate on initial deposits with either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Is Bitcoin Safer than Traditional Currencies?

This is the biggest question surrounding all digital currencies. Because Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most popular digital currencies, safety surrounding those two is of the utmost concern. The answer to the question is yes. Bitcoin and Ethereum are safer than traditional forms of currency. Why? Keep reading to find out.

Peer-to-peer – Digital currencies are peer-to-peer currencies. What this means is that there is no middle element involved in the transactions. This is unlike any other non-cash transaction that occurs in our lives.

Whenever we buy something via one of our credit cards, the credit card company is involved in the transaction. That credit card company, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc., is the middle man. Often, the credit card company charges a fee. The credit card company always charges consumers interest for using credit.

Interest rates are set by credit card companies based on a consumer’s history along with the prime rate. Prime rates are devised by the nation that owns the currency. Each nation has its own prime rate.

What peer-to-peer means is that the value of the transaction is only the value of the transaction. There is no interest rate involved. This is a benefit to both consumers and business owners. Pay per head agents are business owners. Their players are consumers.

Any time an extra element is involved, there’s a chance that things can go wrong. The more elements involved, central banks, credit card companies, maybe, even a fourth party like a major commercial bank, the higher the chances of something going wrong.

Digital currency transactions are instantaneous – Okay, nothing’s instantaneous. However, transactions with digital currencies are as close to instantaneous as possible. By closing the time frame from when a transactions starts to when it completes, we’re also closing the time frame from when someone can steal the transaction to when someone can’t.

Each Bitcoin or incremental value of a single Bitcoin has a specific code attached to it. It’s almost impossible for hackers to steal Bitcoins unless Bitcoins are housed on a pay per head agent’s personal computer. Nobody should store Bitcoins, or any digital currency, on his or her personal computer.

There you have it. Bitcoin and Ethereum are safer than traditional currencies. Don’t forget about the 5% rebate on initial Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits. That’s one of the most important reasons for online bookie agents to make the switch.

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