It’s not too early to promote NFL Super Bowl 53 futures. Sure, were barely towards the end of March. That doesn’t mean pay per head agents shouldn’t think about the world’s most bet upon sporting event.

In fact, right now might be the perfect time to promote Super Bowl futures. There are reasons why. Check out why promoting Super Bowl 53 futures right now could lead to nice action in your sportsbook.

Super Bowl 53: Not Too Early to Promote Futures

1. 2018-2019 NFL Season started on March 14

The 2018-2019 NFL Season officially started on March 14. From now until Super Bowl 53 some story about the NFL is bound to flash across every sports bettor’s phone. Why? The NFL is a 365-day a year league. If you don’t believe me, consider that the NFL Network runs original programming every day of the year. That’s right. The NFL Network doesn’t take a day off.

Pretty much the day after Super Bowl 52, NFL coaches, players, and front office personnel were back at it. That’s what happens in the most parity filled sports league in the United States.

2. NFL Free Agency has made the NFL top of mind

Yep, many sports bettors are thinking about the yearly NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament. To be clear, though, the NCAA College Basketball Tournament ends on April 2. Once the tournament ends, most sports bettors will turn their attention to what’s going on in the NFL. Why? Because the NFL is where most sports bettors make their money.

Even during the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, right now, many sports bettors are paying attention to what’s happened in free agency. Kirk Cousins signed a massive contract to become the QB of the Minnesota Vikings. Super Bowl 53 odds on Minnesota dropped from 12 to 1 to 10 to 1.

3. NFL Draft in April will keep the NFL top of mind

The NFL Draft will keep the National Football League top of mind. Free agency made the NFL top of mind. The Draft will make sure the NFL stays top of mind. It’s impossible to describe how important the NFL Draft is to sports bettors and sports fans.

Every year, the NFL Draft Round 1 on a Thursday grabs better ratings than TNT’s NBA games. The NFL Draft is the premier sporting event of April. Most sports bettors will be thinking football. Why not promote Super Bowl 53?

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