The 2013-2014 NFL season is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready the most watched and followed sport in the United States.

America´s top NFL sports bars

America´s top NFL sports bars

The NFL franchise is a money making source for many sports bars in America as these become the best locations for great entertainment, giant flat screen TV’s, fantastic food,  hospitable atmosphere and amazing seating accommodations to enjoy the best NFL games.

The following is a quick review of the top NFL sports bars in the US:

  1. Backyard Sports Bar & Grill, Myrtle Beach

  2. Chelsea Brewing Company, NY  

  3. Warren 77 West Village, NY     

  4. Overtime Sports Café, North Myrtle Beach

  5. Bleecker Street Bar East Village, NY 

  6. Tonic Midtown, NY            

  7. Oscars Sports Bar, S. North Myrtle Beach

  8. Big Wangs, Los Angeles  

  9. The Peanut Farm Sports Bar & Grill, Anchorage

  10. Heroes Sports Bar & Grille, Mobile         

Here is a link to 101 of the best sports bars options, addresses, phones and reviews:

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