And now you’re fully aware of what a Pay Per Head service is and you’re fully schooled up on what per head can do for your business. You’ve spoken to other bookmakers or read various reviews on the internet and you’re ready to commit. It’s time to seriously start your search for the Pay Per Head provider that fits your individual needs and works best for you.

So how do you start? What do you need to do to make sure that you make the right choice in finding the service that’s going to transform your business? Just a little simple investigation, that’s all. There are certain non-negotiable standards that your pay per head provider must adhere to, and perhaps the most important one is the quality of the software solution that they use to look after your business.

The difference between good, up-to-date software that enhances the back end of your website – what your clients see when they’re making a bet online – and old-fashioned, tired software that hasn’t been updated in God knows how long can be the difference between the success and failure of your business. Looks are important but functionality is even more so. In this day and age where more people go online through their smartphones and tablets than they do through regular computers, make sure that both your website and the pay per head software supports mobile use. This makes your customer’s experience all the better and allows them to bet anywhere at any time while on the move.

Security is another thing to watch out for. Is your pay per head provider’s platform and software up-to-the-minute secure from hackers, bugs, and so on? There’s no real way to tell immediately, unfortunately, but read the reviews of other clients to get a handle on that. Same thing with speed. Do your clients need to hang around forever while making an online bet or is it quick and painless? Is it simple for your clients to navigate? It’s crucial that the software that your per head provider is running simply works – quickly, efficiently, and cleanly. Most people don’t have the patience for complications. Make sure your clients’ experience is not complicated.

Away from your clients experience using the software, it’s also important that it works for you and your business. The best player management software allows you, the bookmaker, to manage your business. You should be able to track your clients easily and know how many are betting how much at any time. A simple and easy to use accounting system is a crucial part of any pay per head software. You will also want to be able to monitor your clients while they’re betting and in some circumstances, if needed, have ability to set limits on certain players based on their credit ratings with you. The best per head sportsbook software will allow you to do that.

There are plenty of other bells and whistles to player management software, but these are the fundamental basics. Security, simplicity (for you and your client), and functionality. As long as you know that your pph provider’s software provides these three staples at a minimum, then you’re on the right track.