The so called Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is a system that is used to create five bowl match-ups from the top ten ranked teams NCAA Division: Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS); which at the same time gives a chance to the top two to participate in the BCS National Championship game. This system, however, also selects match-ups for the other celebrated BCS bowl games that take place. These ten teams are the champions from each of the six automatic qualifying conferences and four more that join them as BCS goes on.

As of today, January 7th, these are the top ten championship series rankings:

  1. Notre Dame with a 12-0 record

  2. Alabama Crimson Tide with a record of 12-1

  3. Florida Gators with a record of 11-2

  4. Oregon Ducks with a record of 12-1

  5. Kansas State Wildcats with a 11-2 record

  6. Stanford Cardinal with a record of 12-2

  7. Georgia Bulldogs with a 12-2 record

  8. LSU Tigers with a record of 10-3

  9. Texas A&M Aggies with a 11-2 record, and

  10. South Carolina Gamecocks with a record of 11-2

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