A master agent is an agent who has several groups of players under one single umbrella and has to take care of the services that he originally offered to provide them.

If the master agent has not received previously some sort of bookie training, managing all these tasks can be chaotic, unprofitable and a waste of time and resources.  Bookies not only have to take care of their customers’ needs, but also must keep track of all the action going on with their different packages or groups of players.  They must focus their attention on many other duties: receiving the payments and paying clients out, keeping a constant eye on the sporting events lines, watching the wise guys and resolving all the issues that may come up.

The mission of becoming a master agent calls for very strict control measures and an organization system that will allow the business to be productive and sustainable along the different seasons.  Master agents are in the business to build it up constantly and to make it their official source of income.  So to achieve that, the best thing to do is joining a pay per head call center solution that has all the equipment, technology, human resources and security measures to stay in the business in a competitive fashion.

Working with us will guarantee a successful pay per head business within a market that has grown very aggressive and competitive in the last decade.  We at BettorsNet.com® have the right tools, resources, staff and hi-tech solutions to provide first-class services to master agents looking for quality, confidentiality and security.

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