A Pay per Head service is a very good opportunity to help your business grow easily in customer numbers, technology advantages and betting action as these services provide different options for bookmakers and players to be able to bet online 24/7/365.

At BettorsNet.com our bookmakers are offered an offshore call Center facility with highly sophisticated, secure and top-notch technolgy advantages to ensure the best and most competetive pay per head services, regardless of their package volume. All players are provided with professional and fast solution.

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No matter if your bookmaking business has a small or large number of players, our Pay per Head service is your best choice of unlimited services, full access and complete monitoring and control of all players’ transactions.

Our bookmakers can open an account for a specific sport or season NFL, MLB, NBA, Horse Racing and many more, you can decide to acquire the service on a regular basis or chose a pay per head package of your choice: Essential, Elite, and Unlimited.

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