MLB triva - test your knowledge

MLB triva – test your knowledge –Check out the following questions and test your baseball knowledge with 

Who were the first 5 players inducted into the hall of fame?

What inning was it when Babe Ruth “called his shot?

Who won the Triple Crown Award in 1966?

What was the longest baseball game, based on time?

There have only been 16 Triple Crown winners in baseball for hitting in the history of the game. Only two 2 players have won it twice. Name them.

Who is the career leader in stolen bases?

Which MLB pitcher struck out more batters than anyone else in his career?

Who was the last major league pitcher to win 30 games in a season?

Who has the highest career batting average in the history of major league baseball?

Who are the only father/son major league baseball players to homer in the same game?

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