A Pay per Head solution is a bookmaking alternative offered to bookmakers who don´t have the online tools and office space to provide their players with a professional and reliable bookmaking solution so they can place their bets, review scores, chat with live support, check scores, bet live on different sporting events, send deposits or call in to place bets over the phone.

BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head customer service and betting work force handles every detail of your profile and your clients with absolute discretion. We make sure all transactions take place following a number of security procedures to ensure 100% transparency and legitimacy.

We pay lots of attention and care to our bookmakers´needs, for example we understand how important it is for them to be able to constantly monitor all daily betting activities like: players’ accounts, carryovers, individual sport handle percentages, open wagers and weekly special promotions.

There is no doubt that knowing your players profiling in depth is key to the bookmakers’ business success.

For this reason, at BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head solution we guarantee many great advantages to our bookmakers and their players. From the moment, a bookmaker joins our service we will make sure all the data is 100% confidential, highly protected but fully accessible via mobile devices whenever the bookmaker requires to check on it.

At BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head offshore services, we also provide highly educated multiligual staff, top-notch technology and extremely strict security levels to guanratee our bookmakers´data protection and confidentiality. Our pay per head packages are 100% personalized depending on our bookmakers´needs, we offer three options which are: basic, premium or elite. These package options include great features which will be enabled if the bookmakers require additional services.

We at BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head invest a lot of time and financial resources to deliver a reliable, easy to use, secure and innovative business solution to fulfill our clients’ daily needs from all angles at any time of the day. Be sure to contact us today for more information on how to set up your pay per head account within minutes.

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