A pay per head solution is one of the best opportunities bookmakers have to grow and expand their betting shops into real online businesses.

This unique service offers all the tools bookmakers need to offer their sports betting players with sharp lines, an extensive variety of sporting events to bet on, highly secure betting environments, mobile betting platforms and multilingual support in different languages like: English, Spanish, and Asian.

At BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head online solution we guarantee our bookmakers with many benefits at no extra cost. We understand how important it is to communicate with your players in real time and in the same language; for this reason our customer support and wagering clerks speak various languages and take continuous training to be able to provide a prompt and professional service.

Our main offices are located in San José, Costa Rica and our betting group of experts have more than 15 years of experience. We guarantee our solution is the most professional and more reliable in the industry as our technology advantages provide our bookmakers with top-notch tools like: mobile betting platforms, website hosting, modern bookie back ends and much more.

In addition, at BettorsNet.com® our bookmakers have access to a list of top benefits such as:

  • live in-game action

  • sharp lines

  • solid security

  • personalized pay per head packages

  • sophisticated call center facilities

  • virtual casino & poker tourneys

  • top players services

  • wide selection of horse betting action

  • top-notch technology

Managing your business from anywhere in the world is what BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head offers to bookmakers. BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head is the only solution that offers Asian customer service and wagering clerks ensuring a hassle-free and swift handle of their betting activities either online or via telephone.

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