A Price per Head solution is a new option to bookmakers which offers many services including a call center solution managed by a group of sports betting industry professionals who will help the bookmakers grow their online betting business within days.

Managing your betting business has never been easier and our pay per head service is the #1 offshore choice to help you shift your betting shop to the next level. We provide easy 24/7/365 online access (a secure mobile platform), personalized websites, multilingual customer support, personalized risk management along with the sharpest betting lines in the industry and daily detailed betting reports.

BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head Call Center facilities are sophisticated, secure, and have the best on hand technology to ensure our bookmakers their players will experience the best betting with top services.

Whether your betting package is small or large number of sports enthusiasts, our pay per head service offers an unlimited solution to have complete monitoring and control of all customers’ transactions. You may use our services for a specific sport or season NFL, MLB, NBA, Horse Racing, or any other or you can decide to acquire the service on a regular basis no matter what season or sport.

BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head is the right choice for you. There is no doubt your players will appreciate how great it is to bet directly from any mobile device at any time of the day.

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