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Running your bookmaking business has never been easier and® Pay per Head services is the offshore solution to help you, the bookmaker, level up your sports betting activities without obstacles and delays.® Pay per Head facilities are located in the city of San José in Costa Rica one of the best places in the world for business outsourcing and telemarketing solutions.

Costa Rica is very well-known around the world to be one of the most peaceful and democratic countries of Latin America. The high education levels of its population make available well educated manpower to any business looking to provide multilingual customer support and high security levels.

Within just a couple of years,® Pay per Headhas merged as Costa Rica number one online gaming hub due to its sophisticated facilities, top-quality technology, fiber-optic network back up, skilled personnel, business reliability, and extensive betting background.

There is no doubt, we understand the importance to provide a reliable, professional and cost-effective solution to bookmakers so they can process the daily volume of sport betting transactions; while being catered by highly trained customer service staff that will assist them and their players with the finest service.

We are the industry pioneers with a gaming background experience of more than 15 years; for this reason we can guarantee a complete, secure and professional bookmaking solution and safe betting environments at all times. Make sure to contact us today to find out more details on how to get started and ask for the our FREE TRIAL now!!

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