Who is BettorsNet.com®?

BettorsNet.com® was created by a group of betting experts who gathered their knowledge, hard work, professionalism, and gambling expertise to offer a quality per head service to the online bookmakers.

Where is BettorsNet.com® office located?

Our call center is located in Costa Rica, the number one choice for business processing outsourcing in Latin America.

What are the advantages offered by BettorsNet.com®?

The following are some of the benefits provided by our per head service

  • sharp lines

  • unlimited sport and casino options

  • online and telephone live-betting action

  • 80+ sporting leagues

  • highly capable and multilingual man power

  • extensive horse betting action

  • solid connectivity

  • highly secure betting environments

What are the per head package prices BettorsNet.com® charges?

Bookmakers can set up their per head account for as low as $5 per head. But, there are other package options if the bookmakers prefer to acquire premium services.

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