Getting your online betting business set up is no easy task. We understand there is a lot of research involved and the bookmakers need to keep an eye on all details so their services´quality never fails.

In addition, online bookmakers require many other tools so they can offer a reliable and professional solution. For example; a professional website, toll free telephone lines, a dual platform bookie software, solid hosting solution and even multilingual customer support to help their players with the best service.

These are some of the most important reasons many bookmakers decide to join an online pay per head service that provides the necessary tools to become a successful online betting business.

At® Pay per Head offsshore services we guarantee our bookmakers the top bookmaking solution which includes: 80+ sports leagues, highly secure betting environments, sharpest lines in the online market, the most reliable mobile betting platform, ongoing technical support and much more.

Also, at® we strive to implement top-notch technology at all times so all sports betting players and online bookmakers can place bets, check scores, review daily events, check betting lines, player account balances and game schedules.® Pay per Head group also offers additional marketing services so you can promote yourself as a professional bookmaker while working to expand our betting business.

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