The country of Costa Rica is well-known in the world as a place of preference for business processing outsourcing, top-notch fiber-optic networks and one of the most reliable connectivity in Latin America.

At® Price per Head services we make sure to provide our online bookmakers and their betting players with the most complete online solution to ensure their betting business development will not be stopped due to the lack of internet access, security issues or confidentiality.

Our solution is the most complete and for this reason we also provide upper mobile betting platforms and one of the best hosting solutions in the pay per head industry. Our technical department ensures to combine personalized sports betting designs, high security standards and the most reliable hosting solution so our bookmakers can offer the best bookmaking option to their players.® Pay per Head also offers well- trained support staff in several languages besides English; our clerks communicate in Spanish and other Asian languages to maximize our bookmakers´ daily revenues.

Other top pay per head services our bookmakers receive at® are:

  • live in-game action

  • sharp lines

  • top players services

  • sophisticated call center facilities

  • virtual casino and poker tourneys

  • wide selection of horse betting action

  • top-notch technology

  • solid security

  • personalized per head packages® guarantees your players will appreciate how great it is to bet live on a highly secure and very well designed website where they can bet on any game, any sport at any time of the day.

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