A bookmaking operation is quite complex and requires a lot of work and resources in order to obtain top results in a timely fashion period. When a bookmaker joins a Pay per Head online solution, he/she is able to manage the betting business easily, fast and protected by high security standards besides having unlimited access to the players’ information.

The online gambling industry keeps growing at a fast rate and all sport betting businesses need to keep up with this ongoing rhythm to make sure the sports enthusiasts will enjoy the betting experience so much that they will continue to choose your service.

Bettorsnet.com® Pay per Head offers a professional and complete solution. We provide our bookmakers with the right tools to become international business bookmakers alongside the right pay per head service.

We make every effort to engage in a very solid business relationship with our bookmakers so they can learn about their betting and financial objectives, players needs, service benefits, new sportsbook ideas and how these can be easily implemented to make their sports betting shops.

Addtionally, we offer top benefits such as:

  • top-notch technology
  • solid security
  • personalized per head packages
  • sophisticated call center facilities
  • virtual casino and poker tourneys
  • live in-game action
  • sharp lines
  • top players services
  • wide selection of horse betting action

At Bettorsnet.com® Pay per Head we will assist you become a Master Agent in all areas, for this reason we are the market leaders and our services are the most talked about professional, user-friendly and cost-effective in the pay per head industry.

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