® Pay per Head is an offshore solution that provides many different advantages to bookmakers looking for high quality boomaking services at the right price. Our solution encloses a wide variety of tools a bookmaker needs to grow and set his online betting business on the right track.

Experience plays a big role in the development of a business and there is no exception when it comes to the gambling industry. Regardless, whether your online bookmaking experience has been for a long time or just for a few months, as a business person and sports betting bookmaker you understand the importance to keep a close eye on your players’ daily betting activities and their shifting requests.

Amongst the many benefits offered by at® we can mention:

  • sharp betting lines
  • mobile betting platforms
  • risk management advice
  • tout sheets
  • dual bookie software
  • hosting solutions
  • high security standards
  • largest sports offers
  • low pay per head prices
  • solid connectivity

We ensure our bookmakers their players database will grow in just a few days and they will see a great increase in revenue and betting action. Our solution is the best choice in the pay per head industry, our strategic contact center location is also another great advantage. We are located in the country of Costa Rica, one of the best places in the world for online business outsourcing.

Our contact center facilities are equipped with top-notch technical infrastructure to provide only the fastest hosting betting solution to our bookmakers ensuring no download delays, dedicated server configurations, variety of domain names, data storage and high security betting environments.® Pay per Head is the number one offshore bookmaking solution for bookmakers and sports betting players. Our solution offers highly skilled customer support, mobile and betting platforms, reliable bookie backend software, sharp lines, and gambling experts risk management. Let us provide you with the best betting experience!

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