Mobile Bets on Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops

Mobile Bets on Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops® Pay per Head services offer many benefits and great features to bookmakers and their sport betting players completely free of charge.

Our group of gambling professionals truly understand the importance and necessity of being able to access the betting data and players´accounts at all times no matter where you are located while ensuring a completely secure betting environment with the highest security standards.

Another great advantage offered by® Pay per Head is the introduction of mobile betting platforms in order to provide solid connectivity 24/7/365 while allowing more engagement with the betting players and the bookmakers. We guarantee all questions and special situations a player might encounter are solved within minutes by our customer support staff in no time.

Mobile betting is becoming a fast rate growing activity that is currently generating incredible amounts of money in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Players and bookmakers can place bets, review daily sporting events, check game schedules and even review their account balances in real time.

There is no doubt, betting on sports has never been easier with the benefit of unlimited access from any mobile device or tablet. Some other benefits provided by® Pay per Head mobile betting we can list:

  • Full gaming functionality

  • Tracking systems

  • Intelligent Messaging for customer retention

  • High Security systems

  • Mobile Account Sign up

  • Robust world wide connectivity® call center facilities are located in San José, Costa Rica and we work very hard to deliver the best services no matter if the bookmaker has 10 or 100 customers. At our pay per head solution the package prices are incredibly convenient and you can start up for as low as $5.  This new way of betting on sports is a key to your online betting business success. It is extremely convenient, fast and very easy to use

At® Pay per Head services your players will appreciate how great it is to bet on the move and our bookmakers will generate better profits while enjoying the best Price per Head service in the industry. Make sure to ask about our online mobile betting platforms available to players and bookmakers using smart phones or any other devices like: notes, tablets, androids and others.

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