® Pay per Head is the leader in the bookmaking industry with an extensive gaming background of more than 15 years. Our team of experts work constantly to improve all areas of our pay per head solution to guarantee the most professional and reliable contact center services at all times.

Our bookmakers find at® Pay per Head the place that provides not just a around the clock solution, but a solid and experienced group of people who are willing to help them take their betting business to the next level.

We provide an extensive list of advantages over any other similar pay per head service plus an incredible number of benefits to the bookmaker and his players. For example, we help our bookmakers with their betting website so they can move their phone traffic to the internet for better and faster bookmaking results.

There are many technology tools like the mobile betting feature, live in-game betting, horse racing entertainment, and virtual casino games at no extra costs.

Besides all the above mentioned, at® Pay per Head we guarantee highly secure betting environments so our bookmakers feel comfortable accessing their daily and weekly reports, account balances, wagers review, account reconciliations, players´profiles and any other type of information they need.

On the players´end, our dual bookie software platform makes their experience an incredible one, as they are able to bet on any sport or major event like: NFL regular season, playoffs, SuperBowl, NBA regular season, playoffs and conference finals, Tennis, Golf, MMA, NASCAR, Horse racing, NCAA football and basketball, MLB, NHL, and much more.

Bookmakers can sign up for our pay per head solution for just a single sport or for a particular season if that is what they prefer to do. Our pay per head prices are very competitive starting at just $5 per head, but we also offer personalized pay per head packages to which bookmakers can add features depending on the level of service they want to provide to their players.

Furthermore, our customer and wagering support staff is highly educated and multilingual so they will be able to answer promptly and in the preferred language. Additionally, our management  team offers other top services like risk management and wagering specialist advice in case our bookmakers would like to have more insight knowledge on how to run their bookmaking business.

At® Pay per Head online solution our tenets are very clear as these are always present in every service we provide. We ensure high security at all times, 100% data confidentiality, sharp betting lines and the most professional staff working around the clock to guarantee the best betting experience. Make sure to get in touch with us today for more details on how to set up your pay per head account.

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