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BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head online services is the price per head pioneer with more than 15 years of background in the gaming industry. Our Contact Center facilities are located in Costa Rica, one of the best places in the world to set up your online betting business.

At BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head offshore solution our betting experts provide professional advice to our bookmakers on the do’s & dont’s of running a bookmaker betting shop.

Some of the “must dos” a bookmaker needs to take into account when setting up a bookmaking solution for his players we can list the following:

  1. Make sure his players will have 24/7/365 connectivity and access to their betting account
  2. Ensure his players an extensive variety of sports leagues to bet on
  3. Guarantee his players a reliable and easy to use mobile platform
  4. Engage in a stable and professional business relationship with his pay per head provider
  5. Offer multilingual customer and wagering support
  6. Offer customized betting services depending on his players´needs
  7. Have access to his players´account information at all times
  8. Provide his players with other type of entertainment like: casino games, horse betting & poker tournaments

On the other hand, some of the “don´ts” bookmakers need to stay away from are:

  1. Let his pay per head solution overcharge him for his players´ packages
  2. Allow mediocre customer and wagering support be provided to his players
  3. Poor connectivity and no access to betting accounts
  4. Bookmakers must ask for a trial session to try out the services before hand
  5. Bookmakers should do a background check up before joining any pay per head solution
  6. Telephone and online services should be part of the customer support provided by the pay per head solution

At BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head offshore services we ensure the fastest and most pleasant betting experiences for both he players and the bookmakers, and at the same time we work as a team with our bookies to guarantee their business´ success within just a few days.

Some of our benefits are: access to real-time reporting, risk management advice, marketing development and high security levels to ensure all data confidentiality. Sports betting players and online bookmakers are able to place bets, get in touch with our customer contact center, check reports, review daily events, game schedules, check lines, and account balances at any time of the day from any mobile device.

Make sure to get in touch with us today to get your pay per head account set up and start enjoying the best pay per head experience.

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