® Pay per Head offshore solution is the leading pay per head service in the betting industry. Our many years of gambling experience and our team of experts is the best combination to ensure the most professional bookmaking solution in the market.

We at® are located in Costa Rica, a place known for providing the best business outsourcing solutions worldwide as well as highly skilled, professional, and multilingual technical and customer support, secure banking and top technology options.

At® Pay per Head we guarantee the personalization of our bookmakers pay per head packages while providing exactly what they need and what their players require to have the best online betting experience.

Our pay per head betting software offers many great advantages that will contribute to our bookmakers business and profit growth at no extra cost.® Pay per Head offers a dual bookie software platform, our bookmakers can chose the platform that suits better their interests, wether it is DGS or ASI. Both platforms are very user-friendly, highly secure, and provide many features like:

  • Player management
  • Hold reports
  • Player summary
  • Weekly figures
  • Agents Positions
  • DGS Instant Action

Our bookmakers will will have access to reports, betting lines, players profiles, current and pending wagers, set limits and more. We guarantee no delays, no set up obstacles and no ridiculous pay per head prices.

At® Pay per Head online soluton we understand how important is to the bookmaker to have easy acces to all this information regardless of their location. For this reason, we work around the clock to provide secure and easy betting environments for their players.® Pay per Head services is more than just a regular call center, we offer a reliable, professional and confidential online solution while providing the best technology and tools to make your bookmaking grow within days.

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