Online Hosting Solution

Online Hosting Solution® Pay per Head offshore solution has broadened its extensive list of services by offering: top hosting services, highly secure betting environments and the most confidential online pay per head platform to ensure the most complete betting experience for bookmakers.

Hosting your bookmaking personalized web site is also a service provided by®; we offer robust hosting solutions 100% designed for each individual need and requirement along with the highest security levels to ensure our bookmakers and their players the best sports betting experience.

Our offshore contact center solution is fully equipped with top-class technical infrastructure, variety of domain names, data storage in order to deliver the best connectivity to all our bookmakers’ websites; while ensuring no download delays, highly secure development environments, and tailored server configurations.

It is no secret that choosing a pay per head solution to migrate your players is a very important decision as it could change the way a bookmaker runs his betting business.

We provide top-quality technology, top-notch fiber-optic network, upper mobile betting platforms and sharp betting lines our bookmakers are also provided with a personalized website, a private toll free telephone line and the most extensive sports offering to engage their players and offer great promotions on a weekly basis.

Additionally, online bookmakers are able to connect at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world and check their daily, weekly and monthly reports, review lines, updates, and change players´profiles. More details on how an offshore per head solution works can be found at:

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