Online sports betting

Online sports betting

At® Pay per Head we provide the most professional and highly secure bookmaking solution where our bookmakers find a very complete offer that includes live in-game action on major sports like: NFL preseason, NFL regular season, NBA, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, Tennis, Golf, NASCAR, and more.

We at® Pay per Head services also provide different and innovative ways to help the bookmakers promote their sports betting business.

Some of the benefits we offer are:

+ Live in-game action + Solid connectivity

+ Sharp lines and risk management services + good entertainment

+ Mobile betting platform + High security standards

+ 80+ sports betting leagues + Wide selection of horse action

Our sharp lines and top players services are highlights on our extensive list of benefits. We strive every day to make your business more interesting to the sport fanatics that way they will want to be part of your online betting shop.

With® Pay per Head you can start outsourcing your sports betting players’ packages within minutes. We provide the most reliable and secure environments to conduct all type of betting activities, while offering full account access and online reporting from any mobile device, tablet or computer.

Besides providing highly secure betting, at® we ensure our bookmakers they will have all the online tools they require in order to have a sucessfull bookmaking business. We offer different pay per head package options and we will also customize the package depending on the bookmaker needs.

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