Numerous type of businesses select Costa Rica as their a first option for online bookmaking outsourcing services as the country offers premium contact center facilities, multilingual manpower, top leading technological resources, and a peaceful environment for business development.® Pay per Head management team has an extensive betting background, with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We at® aim to guarantee our bookmakers their players´ betting experiences will be fully protected and will take place in complete confidentiality.

At® Pay per Head we offer daily poker tournaments and online casino games. This additional entertainment is a very important part of our pay per head solution at no extra cost. We make sure the betting players receive all the entertainment and quality support 24/7/365

Right now, these offerings are available through® mobile betting platforms which make it even easier for players and bookmakers to access their betting accounts, check scores, account balances, make online deposits or just play any online game.

We provide ongoing daily poker tournaments at no extra cost. Those sports betting players who are interested in a different kind of gaming action have access to games like: blackjack, craps, slots, roulette and many more.

Some other services offered by® Pay per Head are: 80+ sports betting leagues, live in-game action, online and phone support, wide selection of horse betting, highly skilled support staff, 3 set-in-advance casino profiles, mobile betting platforms, poker tournaments and virtual wagering all year round.

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