As the sports betting expands, more betting solutions are available to bookmakers and their players. Nowadays, there are continuous technology advantages that enhance the way betting is done on the internet.

Top-notch technology, solid connectivity, dual platform betting software, satellite communication, mobile betting 24/7, hosting solutions and web designing are just some of the many benefits bookmakers and players enjoy today!

In order to keep up with all these constant updates at® Pay per Head we strive to provide just the most reliable and professional support at all levels. For example, this is a brief list of our bookmaking offer:

  • Solid and secure connectivity

  • No download delays

  • Top quality betting software

  • Customized websites

  • Mobile betting platforms

  • 800 phone lines

  • 100% Data protection

  • Casino & Poker Entertainment

  • Highly secure hosting

  • Guarantee confidentiality

When joining® Pay per head solution you will discover we are much more than just another price per head, but a group of gambling professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the industry.

Our expertise ensures your business success as we also offer marketing services so our bookmakers can promote themselves as professionals while being able to increase their customers´ conversion rate and reactivate those players that have not been active for a long time.

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