® Pay per Head offshore services is the industry pioneers backed by a group of gambling experts with more than 15 years of background and professional expertise. This advantages ensure the high quality of the services and benefits we provide to online bookmakers and their betting players.

In today’s world, keeping up with customers’ needs and requests is no easy task and the competition becomes more aggressive with the use of new tactics to attract your betting players to their pay per head contact centers.

A determining factor to keep your players satisfied and returning to your pay per head business to place bet and for additional services is to offer a reliable customer support; that is what® Pay per Head solution offers one of the  highest level of service in the price per head industry.

Furthermore,®  Pay per Head services offer many online marketing tactics to our bookmakers to promote their online sports betting businesses in a way that is very attractive to the players. Just to mention a small part of our services we offer: live in-game action, 24/7/365 online and telephone support, a wide selection of horse betting, and 80+ sports leagues.

Some of the benefits provided by the group of gambling professionals at® Pay per Head are:

  • professional risk management
  • mobile betting platform
  • exceptionally skilled customer support staff
  • live betting on all major sports
  • top-notch technology advantages
  • expert handling of sports betting lines
  • weekly betting promotions
  • excellent sports and casino entertainment® Pay per Head services is the right choice. We help our bookmakers become a success in no time by implementing different techniques that will keep your players enjoying your bookmaking services for longer periods and to reactivate those who have been away and inactive.

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