Experience plays a big role in the development of a business and there is no exception when it comes to the gambling industry. Regardless, whether your online bookmaking experience has been a long one or just for a few months, as a bookmaker and business developer you understand the importance to keep a close eye on your players’ daily betting activities and their shifting requests.

BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head solution is the  best and most reliable gambling support in all areas of your betting business. Bookmakers need a competitive advantage over their competitors, and finding the best Pay per Head option is no easy task.  Make sure to take into account that a well-established pay per head contact center managed by professionals represents the difference between you and the rest of the pack.

BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head services offers additional monitoring and professional advice on acquiring, retaining or re-activating sports betting players while providing high quality customer and technology support.

By becoming a BettorsNet.com® bookmaker you will have access to additional services such: assistance with the management of your players’ risk, handling of betting lines, customized websites, unique 800 numbers and further business development more marketing oriented to help you keep your players active for longer periods.

Let the experts help you transform your betting shop into a profitable online business; results that will very quickly show in monthly winnings

What is most important for a bookmakers is their customers, these are valuable assets and at BettorsNet.com Price per Head we take good care of your players and assist them 24/7/365.  The players´complete  satisfaction is our main goal and we guarantee it. Be part of the winning team and join our service today!

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