In addition to the great number of benefits we provide to our bookmakers at® Pay per Head, we also strive to offer the best multilingual customer and wagering support while ensuring highly secure betting environments, 24/7 online and telephone assistance and the best betting lines in the industry.

Our call center facilities are located in San Jose, Costa Rica and we make sure handle top-notch technology tools our bookmakers need to offer the best bookmaking service.

It is a fact we work around the clock to ensure our customers and their betting players regardless of their package volume with a well-developed bookie software, first-hand sports information, user-friendly agents´reporting, full access to players´accounts and much more.® Pay per Head outstanding bookmaking services is what differentiate us from the competition. Our solution is easy, fast and it works while delivering results and ensuring excellent customer support, mobile betting platforms, risk management advice and highly secure betting environments.

The following is a quick list of other top benefits our bookmakers receive on a daily basis at®:

  • Different pay per head package prices for your convenience

  • Broadest sports offerings

  • Sharpest lines managed byprofessionals

  • Live in-game betting action

  • Mobile betting platforms

  • Risk management experts advice

  • Multilingual sports and horse racing clerks

  • High-tech gaming call center in the hub of the Americas

  • Widest horse betting selection® is the top pay per head solution that provides top benefits in all gambling and technology areas for your betting business. Bookmakers need a competitive advantage over their competitors so finding the best Price per Head option should be a smart choice at all times.

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