Every day we learn about new and trendy technology advances, new software, and new enhanced ways to connect with players faster and more efficiently. BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head offers much more than just a regular pay per head solution, we are the industry experts and for more than two decades we have provided the best solution to many online bookmakers regardless of their location and players package volume.

Outsourcing your sports betting shop through an offshore business solution is a very easy, fast and clever way to level up your profits and the betting service quality for your players’ complete satisfaction.

BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head services provides countless bookmaking services and one that stands out is our top contact center technology & infrastructure. These great advantages allow our bookmakers to be connected online with their players 24/7/365 through our highly secure platforms.

We make sure to offer all the tools bookmakers require to engage in a longer and better business relationship with their players. Our facilities are located in Costa Rica which is the Central American leader in top-quality technology, fiber-optic network and mobile betting platforms, more than enough reasons to be called the Online Gaming Hub of the Americas.

At BettorsNet.com® Pay per Head online solution we work very hard to help our bookmakers understand their customers’ needs and changing behaviors. We understand it is a bookmaker’ first priority to be able to closely monitoring all their players’ betting activities on a daily basis and keep in touch with them at all time.

Some additional online services provided by our Pay per Head solution are:

  • 80+ sports leagues
  • Sharpest lines managed by a team of professionals
  • Live in-game betting action
  • Marketing advice
  • Mobile betting platform
  • Seasonal or permanent pay per head package options
  • 70+ horse racing tracks & specialized clerks
  • High-tech gaming call center located in Costa Rica

Make the right choice and join our per head service today and your players will receive the following services: Live in-game action, Solid connectivity, wide selection of sports leagues, sharp lines, risk management services, casino and poker tournaments. Call BettorsNet.com® services for more details on how to get your price per head package set up.

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